5 Reasons to Start a Side Hustle in College

By: Aja DeShield

#1 A side hustle can turn into a main hustle

Sometimes what starts out as a side hustle can turn into something bigger and better. If there comes a point where your side hustle requires more of your attention, don’t be scared to run with it! Growth is always good and often innovation occurs in the most unexpected ways.

#2 Residual income

Need to pay a bill? Fill up your tank?  Or even just build up your savings? A side hustle can help you do just that. After all, who doesn’t like a little extra pocket change?

#3 Stress Relief

It’s nice to take your mind off of the everyday demands of college with something you enjoy doing. Taking a break from the academic pressures can be very stress relieving in that you have more freedom to ideate and make mistakes (while learning from them of course).

#4 You could be the missing piece in a market sector

Chances are, there is going to be someone who wants the product/service you’re providing. It’s just a matter of doing your research and actually talking to people as opposed to assuming what they want.

#5 Diverse array of customers & perspectives

College students are some of the most “tell it to you straight” and honest people when it comes to providing feedback. If they don’t like something, trust me – they won’t hesitate to tell you if you need to take several seats and try again.

My name is Aja and I’m currently studying Studio Art, Entrepreneurship and Spanish for the Professions at UNC Chapel Hill. Outside of academics, you can catch me dancing, cooking/baking, laughing at the smallest thing, or kicking it with my fam.

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